The story of titanium, the metal that was born in the cradle of the gods

The story of titanium is not easy to tell. This special metal was long hidden from the prying eyes of the human curiosity in the past. And today it is hidden by the abundance of information which easily misleads.

If you need a quick glance at the glamour metal’s most common related facts you can get a free short fact book about the wonder metal here.

Otherwise, we should better start with the beginning.

Uranus was the Heaven. His consort was Gaia – The Earth. The youngest and the bravest of their sons was Cronus. He greatly envied his father and long sought to overthrow his father.

Uranus hid the youngest children of Gaia, the one-hundred armed giants, Hecatonchires and the one-eyed giants, the Cyclopes, in Tartarus. This made Gaia to seek the help of Cronus and his brother to attack her husband. Only Cronus was willing to heed her call.

Cronus ambushed his father and wounded him. From that which spilled from Uranus and fell upon the Earth came forth the Gigantes, Erinyes, and Meliae. From that which was cast into the sea came forth Aphrodite. For this, Uranus called his sons Titans, meaning "strainers," for they strained and did presumptuously a fearful deed, for which vengeance would come afterwards.

But that’s only the story for the name of a really special metal. It may seem quite short, though I assure you that the unabridged version spans for many pages in the mythological legends of Olympus.

Even so, the story of the name cannot possibly compare to the sheer complexity and length of the story of the metal itself. Because it is not yet been written. It is a story that started fifty years ago, a story that is now in developing, and it will be fifty years from now, until it will become, just as the story of the name has, a legend.

I’m proud to be contemporary with a legend, in a time that some call “The Titanium Era”.

This special metal is everywhere and is helping us get anywhere we want. Just as Cronus, the first of the Titans, this metal rules over the earth, the heavens, and the sea.

Since the initial discovery, this element has been described in terms such as mysterious, extravagant, fascinating, noble, unusual, vital and critical. But I truly believe that humans are far from realizing its true potential and the current industrial and commerciall applications are far from what they could be, should we be able to fully understand and harness all of titanium’s properties.

In this site you will find everything there is to know about this material. And some facts that nobody knows about it. It is a framework that encompasses all of the titanium interaction with the human society, starting from the mere chemical description and ranging to the impact of in the cultural development.

It is, if you want, the basis of the legend of titanium. For it is a legend. A legend so great that it will be taught in schools, just as we learn today about the legends of Olympus.

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