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Hello, world. My name is Dan, I’m a 30 year old materials engineer with a special interest in the titanium metal. But you should already know that by now, if you reached this far. Of course, with the exception of the people for who this is the first page they found on the engines. In this case, hit the HOME button in your right.

You can find more about me by adding me as a friend in your Facebook network, by clicking my profile badge in the right.

If you're interested in more than titanium metal - I know you are, otherwise you wouldn't have been here in the first place, it would be a good idea to keep reading this page. You may have some surprises, and possible encounter things that you have long expected for.

Or you may peruse my collection of books about titanium and see if something catches your eye !

Let me tell you a little bit more about what I think about the internet and why I have decided to make this site.

So, what is the mystery behind the Internet phenomenon? Why does it keep growing at this sometimes unbelievable rate? Why does it change so much and so fast, and yet stays always the same? Is there really a mystery?

Fact is that we, humans, are all alike. “We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal”. You probably have heard these words for many a time and, while most of you accepted them as true, and some of you have considered the implications for a while, none of you (risk taken) have really linked them to the Internet.

And yet, this is the foundation that makes the Internet possible. And not just the Internet, it is the foundation that makes possible any other kind of human interaction. We are all alike, we all have the same anatomy, and most of our time is passed in almost the same way - we breathe, we eat, we “do” something, we sleep. We interact with each other, because we have many things in common.

Still there is another facet of this coin. There is nothing in all that makes us alike, nothing at all, to make us keep in contact. We have the possibility to cease and desist all interaction altogether. In fact, there are some people that actually do live without interacting with others. Moreover, they want it this way and are happy with it. But these are rare exceptions. Most of us like to meet with friends, spent quality time with our families, use the phone and obviously, surf the Internet.

It is the common part that brings us together, but it is the unique aspect of each of us that keeps us together.

There are some other things about the Internet that I have learnt in my years of surfing. For instance, you can find almost everything you need on-line. Whatever you’re in to - books, insurances, cars, loans, hosting, vacations, movies, pictures, tools - you name it, you can find it.

That’s trivial, you would say. It’s true.

Nevertheless, what I’m about to tell you next it’s not as trivial. Here comes : When you find something you are looking for on the net, and you have and are willing to pay money to get it, you can be 90% sure that you can get that “something” somewhere else FOR FREE.

As for the other 10%, you can rest assured that you can get that “something” somewhere else for a MUCH LOWER price than you are actually willing to pay.

And you can also be sure that in each transaction I have mentioned here there are some people making money. What are most of those people do in order to get that money? Absolutely NOTHING. They just intermediate the transactions and are paid for this. Of course, that’s far from nothing, because you have to do SOMETHING to position yourself in such a desirable place. But it is possible, and you could do it.

We all have something to offer, and that something is unique. But in order to harness the power of this unique aspect of your individuality you need to have a system.

When I first decided to join the fastest growing network on Earth – the World Wide Web, that is - I actually thought of building an entire system myself. But, I soon found out that there already was someone who thought of that before me. And it’s much, much, better that I have originally envisioned.

It’s not just only my opinion. These are some case studies at your disposal.

The best part of the system is that it gives tremendous quantities of information without asking for any payment. And Ken Envoy, the founder, also allows you to use some parts of the system before actually applying for the full experience. You will understand why after you join :).

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