How titanium rings seek to dominate titanium jewelry market

The story of titanium rings is coming from an age as old as the story of titanium itself. Prometheus was the Titan god of forethought and crafty counsel who was entrusted with the task of molding mankind out of clay.

As punishment for his continuous rebellious acts against Zeus, made for trying to help the humans – stealing the fire, for example, Prometheus was arrested and bound to a stake on Mount Caucasus where an eagle was set to feed upon his ever-regenerating liver. Generations later the great hero Heracles came along and released the old Titan from his torture.

As a reminder of his crime, he was forced to wear a link of the chain on his finger with a bit of the rock attached. It may not have been a titanium ring, but it was attached to a Titan, making it pretty close to the real thing. It is said this is the concept that is found today on any rings carrying a stone – even if nowadays we’re talking about precious stones – such as diamonds.

Titanium metal is starting to get its own symbolism. The naming convention and some popular nicknames – such as “metal of the gods” pay homage to its ancient heritage. But its initial birthplace – the aerospace field – has branded titanium with a modern significance – “space age metal”. Or maybe it’s just the wish of titanium to be reunited, at last, in heavens, with its first creators.

Those two seemingly opposites symbols fueled the growth of the cultural significance of the titanium rings. And titanium properties helped this trend. Titanium wedding bands have become a popular choice for couples, as titanium is generally believed to be indestructible, as indestructible as the true love that brings a couple together. Men seem to better relate to titanium, as with any modern and new things, so a mens titanium wedding band probably hurried many undecided bachelors to the joys of marriage.

As diamonds are as much as indestructible as titanium is, should your ring be something that carries a lot of meaning to you, you'd probably want to keep it around for the rest of your life. That's why it's a good idea to choose a unique titanium diamond ring. There is a lot of information at Diamond Rings For Sale that will help you make the right choice.

If diamonds are really not your thing, then my friend Zulekha maintains a site about mens titanium wedding bands specifically designed for grooms. It's a certain thing that you will find something to your liking there.

Titanium is still perceived as a new material in jewelry sector, so that new and unique designs are tried and tested each day by industry specialists. Here are some of them:

Titanium cable rings – it’s a ring comprised of intertwined titanium wires, presenting an unusual unique look

Tension setting rings – a concept that changed the traditional methods of setting diamonds and other precious stones. It only works with titanium.

Black titanium rings - it modifies titanium natural grey-silver color to the more classical black. There are several methods used, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Blue titanium rings – this ring takes advantage of titanium anodizing properties, adding another color to titanium rings wide spectrum

Titanium tungsten rings – tungsten is even harder than titanium, making an astoundingly high endurance item of jewelry. They are very popular with the construction workers.

Titanium gold rings – it adds titanium flavor to an old dog of jewelry. Depending on the producer, the results are more or less spectacular.

Celtic titanium rings – an ancient design matched to a future metal

The jewelry market has known many a metal which all have given their due share of making this particular sector grow. Some of them have left some strong imprints on it; some of them have vanished to no more than a simple memory.

Titanium has made a good start. And it already has a good foot print in a very challenging sector. But the real trademark of titanium, the one thing that will make this metal unforgettable in the pages of history, will be the fact that has made the jewelry market accessible for anyone.

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Jewelry will no longer be reserved for the top 1% richest guys or girls of the society. Beauty will no longer be conditioned by wealth. Titanium will be the affordable alternative that will make the days when only royalty could wear jewelry just a memory. The cheap titanium rings are the first to prove that.

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