5 ways to find cheap titanium wedding bands

I’ve never quite understood the hype around the cheap titanium wedding bands. I think that, for a groom, being considered cheap regarding the great event – akka, the wedding – may be the scariest and disastrous thing one may encounter in a life time.

There are some situations in life when you may consider finding options to cutting down cost. Air travel, for instance. You know, having that extra room and the free champagne in business class is nice, but the price you have to pay for this is absolutely ridiculous.

This is not true for a wedding. I mean, you may choose to forget about fruits de mer for apperitives, and maybe downsize the cake with a couple of levels. But you never, never, try to get what is going to be the most significant jewelry you’ll ever wear - the wedding ring – the cheap way.

But, if you really want a left foot start of your marriage here are the best solutions to acquire cheap titanium wedding bands.

1. Do it yourself!

Transforming titanium into jewelry at home may seem difficult, but, hey, a budget is a budget. Apart from having a phenomenal sense of self accomplishment from being able to master the complicated process of machining titanium, the unmatched quality of the finished products is reason alone to dismiss those greedy jewelry retailers that artificially raise the price just for their marketing budgets. 2. Get lucky!

If you’re not into making stuff with your own hands, the next best thing is finding a titanium wedding ring. If you’re patient and attentive enough it’s impossible not to be able to find a titanium ring lying around, in an appropriate time frame – say 12 to 18 months. It cannot go as cheaper than that. Recommended places: trash yards, titanium scrap aggregators, and most important – emergency units of local hospitals. Titanium rings are known to be discarded regularly, as they’re not viewed as valuable as gold or silver jewelry. With some minor repairs, your cheap titanium wedding band is ready to go!

3. Be creative and resourceful!

Do you know that there are a lot of titanium parts in airplanes, bicycles and even automobiles that could easily be used as a wedding ring? The next time you’re flying, pay extra attention to the landing trail and the surroundings of where you’re seated. Look for that silverish, light grey, round thingies. Rapidly check for possibilities of disassembly, et voila – cheap titanium wedding rings on the spot. Not to mention that you have the chance of finding special aerospace forged alloys that will never rust, corrode or attract lighting.

4. Buy wholesale!

If you really insist in actually buying the damn thing, go big. By buying wholesale products, not only you’ll make significant economies per unit acquired, but you’re also into the unique position of achieving hefty products by selling your 1000’s items order to all your friends. If their reluctant to buy from you cheap titanium wedding bands, either because they are not into titanium, or they’re already married, kindly suggest that it’s a bad idea to make you nervous before your wedding. Works twice as best if you get your future’s spouse support for this argument.

5. Finally, never buy from an “established” jeweler.

Still, if you don’t have the guts to buy big, stay away from these so called “experts” in titanium jewelry. I mean, what’s the sense anyway? Is it just because they make their things a little shinier than their competitors and throw huge amounts in marketing budgets is reason enough to choose them? I mean, isn’t titanium metal indestructible? Isn’t it the greatest metal known to man? What could possible go wrong with your titanium ring? So, choose an unknown, never-heard-of, Taiwanese, sweat-shop titanium artisan. Not only you’ll save a considerable amount of money, but you’d also help an emergent economy.

If you’re marriage is still going to happen as planned after successfully trying all of the above, and then rest assured that you really found someone worth holding unto. Chances are that this time it will be impossible to screw things up.

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