Titanium watches – a comprehensive summary

Titanium watches emerged as soon as the metal reached the consumer product sector, initially as a specialty metal used for some really specialized watches that could really take advantage of titanium’s properties.

Today, almost all major watch manufacturers have at least a couple of items made from titanium, and there are even some that display and market themselves with lines entirely made out of titanium – such as Boccia.

Titanium made watches are ideal for active people; as titanium is ideally suited for out-door sport watches, especially if an anti-shock solution is also desired. Usually an anti-shock watch is built with a bigger frame than an ordinary watch, and the lightness of titanium goes a long way in choosing titanium over steel. The fact that is hard to scratch and is able withstand a lot of stress, it’s also a nice bonus. Not to mention its distinct, classy appearance.

In the sport watches world, the best results with titanium timepieces were achieved by Casio, with their established G-Shock brand and the Japanese producer Citizen that successfully blended the use of their proprietary eco drive technology with titanium watches.

However, titanium has not been limited in sport watches only. There is also a less known titanium property that makes it desirable for watch manufacturing. Although all metals are known conduct heat efficiently, titanium is a less efficient heat conductor that most metals, especially its main competitors in watch industry, such as stainless steel, aluminum, platinum or gold. Because of that, the wearer of a titanium designed watch does not feel sudden cold or heat when the metal is in direct contact to the skin. Moreover, usually the metals absorb very quickly the environmental temperature, so, in a hot summer or in a freezing winter a watch can become very uncomfortable. Well, I mean any other watch not made of titanium, as our dear metal-friend is capable of retaining its neutral temperature for much longer than other metals.

Titanium has been used creatively by all manufacturers and has yielded more or less impressive results. There are few top leading brands that really haven’t meddled with titanium – a good example is Fossil, though the existence of a Fossil titanium watch has been reported, but, just like the UFOs, it has never been confirmed.

The Danish new-entry Skagen is known to widely use titanium in their watches, not only to simply manufacture fine timepieces, but also to subtly underline their core brand concept.

Tissot, the traditional Swiss manufacturers, who is worldwide known as the flagship of affordable luxury watches, has received world recognition for their absolutely unique Ti-Touch design.

I think you get the idea that titanium is extensively used in watch industry. Practically, if you’re interested in buying a such a watch, it’s impossible not to find something to your liking. Going from specialized titanium watches designed for the ladies to extremely expensive, limited edition watches made from titanium, and covering all other possible opportunities in between, the market is abundant with titanium watches solutions.

The price range varies from tens of bucks to several thousands (yes, there are titanium designs that have the potential of being more expensive than an average car. If you’re looking for a good, price competitive wristwatch with a titanium case, my recommendation would be Discount Watch Store. They have a great selection, and usually, good deals. You may also want to check our own internal titanium watch shop. It may not be such as powerful as a dedicated watch service, but there are some interesting deals to be found there for the titanium fanatic.

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