Lady titanium watch – a man’s brand metal showing it off for the ladies

A lady titanium watch is a seemingly unusual titanium concept, given the noble’s metal “strong” and “hi-tech” marketing braiding.

Titanium was first used in sport-watches, mostly due to its strength and corrosion resistance, therefore titanium watches have long been associated with the ruggedness of the environment this watches are brought it.

The use of titanium as a space age material also made far easier for the producers to relate their watches to men. Any woman knows that we, men, are nothing more than overgrown boys always in the look for newer and shinier toys to play with.

I don’t want to come off as some kind of chauvinistic, oversized ego, alpha male dude, but sincerely I would expect a lady titanium watch, or just a simple lady watch to be exactly as I would picture a lady to be. That is simple, yet elegant, classy, yet modern, gentle, yet durable.

Technically, this would seem next to impossible, but we’d have to remember that a watch is classified as a jewelry item, and the jewelry market has long been driven by women. After all, it is for women why this market was created in the first place.

So, it is hard to believe that a metal seeking to attain classical status in jewelry sector, could possible forget the ladies!!! In fact, it better won’t, and trust, it doesn’t.

It may take a strenuous stretch of imagination and creativity in order to create a good lady titanium watch, but this can be said for a lot of things related to ladies, say, for making a perfect date. But it is always worth it.

Let’s check out some of the best examples. My personal choice is one of the best technological wonder of the titanium realm – Tissot’s TI-Touch. The Swiss company flagship product has a variant designed exclusively for the ladies. Apart from the polished titanium case, the TI-TOUCH LADY WITH DIAMONDS is also fitted with a distinctive white leather strap, which helps an otherwise “manly” product to be perceived as a lady titanium watch. Other watches in Tissot titanium line that have variants for ladies are models PRC50 and PRC100. It's no surprise that Tissot has so many titanium watches designed for the ladies. After all, their official brand ambassador is Danica Patrick, the first lady who ever won an IndyCar race. And it would have been extremely weird to have a flag product that can't be actually used by the chosen flag person, who was in fact hired to promote it.

The unique design model of the Ti-Bridge Titanium from Corum, as stunning as it is, was clearly not meant to be put on the wrist of a lady, but the unconventional manufacturer also offers a diamond clad golden counterpart, which, thought it may have little or no titanium in it, it still is a true masterpiece of watch craftsmanship, worthy even for the wrist of a queen. Keep in mind that each of this beauties in only manufactured in series counted by hundreds, so the price is extremely high. Nevertheless, if you ask me, THIS is my next aquisition. I'm sure it won't look as good on a wrist of a lady, but that lady will sure look extremely good hand in hand with my Corum bearing wrist.

Boccia, the only titanium watch line designed in titanium only decided to swiftly break this male/female dispute by offering unisex titanium watches. After all, there are some modern philosophers that think unisex is the only future of humanity, given the increasing opposition to gender-based discrimination. Unisex seems a good enough compromise for a lot of people, offering that so-long searched "equality" between the sexes.

If you ask me, this "equality" thing will never attain a proper solutin, and I personally believe that a potential unisex domination future will be a real loss.

Yes, as males and females, we do have a lot of things in common, but we also have a lot of things that are different, and most of these are definitely worth keeping.

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