Titanium Info – the best interactive knowledge base about titanium available free on-line

Titanium Info (TI) takes the vast amount of information available on-line and off-line about titanium and structures it in an internet friendly shape. The ultimate goal is to become the most complete on-line resource for anybody who needs information about this miraculous metal.

Chapter I is made of interviews with selected people that have sufficient knowledge to be recognized as experts in their specific professional fields. Obviously, we're taling about titanium related domains. Here, at TitaniumExposed.com, we call these lucky guys The Titanium Presidents!

Chapter II is a frequent answers and question list - about titanium metal, its properties, and its applications in the industrial sector and in the consumer products niche. The answers will be provided by Titaniumexposed.com team.

The answers will be as “light” as possible, using technical and scientific terms at the bare minimum, in order to make the reading as understandable as possible for everybody. Click here for the FAQ !

Chapter III contains a list with publications about titanium metal. It is intended for those seeking a deeper understanding about the metal of the gods and need further references.

All chapters of Titanium Info will be interactive. Do you think you are an expert and would like to share that expertise with the all the other titanium fans on-line? Do you know such an expert and you would like TitaniumExposed.com to find him and interview him? Just fill the available form and it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

Do you have a question about titanium metal and you couldn’t find the answer anywhere on the site? Just add it to Titanium Info and it will be answered as soon as possible.

Have you written or published a book, an article, a scientific study or anything else about titanium and you don’t find it on our list? You’re seconds away from getting listed.

Before delving in Titanium Info (TI), you might use the Google powered internal search engine in order to check if you can find your answer somewhere else on the site.

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