Titanium Fossil watch – something old, something new, something titanium

A titanium Fossil watch is something of a ghost story, actually. Everybody has heard them, but there are very few individuals, if any, that have actually seen a real ghost. Why is that? Because, to my knowledge, there was single titanium Fossil watch ever marketed. It was called Speedway TI5066, and had a titanium case and strap. Unfortunately, it is now offered just in the stainless steel variant. You may have some success locating it in old stocks, but you’d have to search thoroughly to find one.

It’s sad to have such a short story for such a prestigious company. Fossil is still the solution when you’re in the market for a “budget-brand” accessory that shows time. What does this mean? Traditionally, watches were a product indented for the wealthy individuals of a society. This was because a watch was intricate and complex machinery and sometimes months of work were needed for a single product to be finished. This was expensive.

Many fortunes were made by companies that devolved watches status from “elite” to “commoner” by the use of modern technologies. The traditional companies responded by making a clear distinction between state-of-the art unique watches and mass production common clocks. Switzerland actually pass a set of laws that regulate the use of “Swiss made”, “Swiss movement” and other terms regarding watches, as the country is a well reputed home for watch manufactures.

Fossil watches achieved success by the use of two powerful concepts. The first was based on the love of people for their watches. As soon as they learn how to make a distinction between the cheaper electronics devices that just show time, they stride to find something better. Better usually means more expensive. That expensive that many established brands that have state-of-the art watches are out of reach for the vast majority of consumer.

Tom Kartsotis, the founder of Fossil, found an acceptable solution in order to fulfill the public desires for beautiful and unique watches. He created the "retro" design style, back in 1985, looking to attract consumers with designs reminiscent of an era only their parents or grandparents had live through.

Targeting middle and upper-income consumers in their teens, twenties, and thirties, Fossil designed watches that imitated the styles of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. The inspiration was provided by old issues of Look, Life, and Time magazines. The fashion styles illustrated in advertisements and articles led to a design concept that was embraced by a new generation of consumers. The watch designs touched a nostalgic chord in the hearts of the company's early customer.

But Kartsotis needed to solve an even more delicate problem. How to keep the costs in the intended range? He took advantage of what is now a common and indispensible way of lowering production cost. Overseas manufacturing. Back in the early 80’ it was a dramatic change in corporate thinking.

The rest is history. The extensive line of titanium watches are sold in department stores and in other upscale retail settings in more than 50 countries, giving the company a broad geographic foundation to support its business.

International sales, particularly those derived from European markets, account for much of the company's sales growth. Fossil is now a distinctive brand name that is capable of attracting consumer around the globe in the same manner as traditional watch makers do.

Too bad they do not have at least one titanium fossil watch in their line.

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