A mens titanium wedding band – a sure way to make him say the words…finally

You may wonder why mens titanium wedding bands should be any different from rings made of any other metal. At the end of the day, it’s your love which is important, the force of your feelings, the durability and profoundness of the bond that made you the successful couple that you are now. Right?

Well, not quite. Let me explain.

It is certain that men have nothing, or very little, in common with wedding bands. Maybe it’s something they are born with, maybe it’s something they are taught in junior high, but it’s a proven fact that when men enter a jewelry store, they look at anything else than a wedding band.

It just doesn’t feel natural to a men. They are genetically bound to try to spread their gene information into as many locations and as often as possible. And the process is enjoyable, just as well. The wedding ring, with his heavy binding, ‘till death set as part, cultural significance is indeed a very scary piece of jewelry for a healthy human individual of male gender.

That’s why, unless you are one of those lucky ladies that is proposed to at least twice a day, and thrice on Sundays, you usually need some sort of clever planning in order to make your loved one finally make up his mind. Make up his mind, and make the right decision, that is. Walk that extra green mile to the front of the altar, move out from his mother basement and become the strong, responsible, committed guy he really is.

A mens titanium wedding band may be just the thing you need. As it happens, men and titanium do have a lot in common. Now, really, what man in the right mind, wouldn’t want to have the strength of a Titan ? Who wouldn’t want to wear a piece of the metal that made all those shiny space exploration vehicles possible? Who wouldn’t want to associate himself with the latest and most exciting new comer of technology?

Men are just big boys. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that. Boys need toys. Beautiful, shiny, exciting and new toys to play with every day. And if they have something to play, they are happy. And, trust me, men like being happy.

So, if you began to ask yourself whether your five year long committed relationship shouldn’t be evolving into something else…and if this something includes a white dress, a reception and a really big cake…and if you don’t know what would be the best way of telling HIM about all this, trust me on the titanium wedding band. You’ll have a nice surprise.

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