Blue titanium rings – the strange nuance in a grey dominated market

As for blue titanium rings, there is nothing more eloquent than a picture. So, here they are the titanium rings of the sky color in their entire splendor.

The blue tint of titanium metal is obtained through the anodizing process – passing a current trough the raw material with the scope of achieving different thickness of the passive oxide layer. The usual voltage required to achieve the blue color is ranging from 50 to 60 volts for dark blue nuances, and at about 100 for lighter tints.

The exact voltage it takes to get a particular color depends on many variable factors such as free-ion content of the electrolyte, surface finish of the metal, etching, stability of the voltage source, and so on. Usually, trial and error is the way when looking to achieve a certain touch of blue.

blue titanium ring

Of course, the usual and most common way is to find blue titanium rings at the countless titanium jewelry manufacturers, re-sellers or distributers that are all-over the world wide web. If titanium seems to be the new platinum, in the great picture of jewelry trends, then blue titanium must be the new black titanium, judging from the variety of offers and hard-core marketing that is employed by all the players in the market.

The appearance of blue titanium rings reveals a certain peculiar aspect of titanium jewelry sector. Although the sector as a whole is promoted as an example of distinction, success, masculine boldness and casual elegance, there is yet any celebrity that has endorsed any of the top titanium jewelry producers. I find this strange, even if we take just the neighboring Phiten titanium example, which is obviously a perfect example of a pseudo-science prank turned commercially viable, which still works flawlessly, mostly due to the constant and continuous endorsements coming from top baseball players.

More over, titanium jewelry is definitely a man playground. Though there are women’s titanium rings and ladies titanium jewelry (like titanium engagement rings with diamonds, and many styles of ladies titanium wedding rings), it’s still safe to say that (if we’re going to separate metals into masculine and feminine) titanium is certainly a masculine metal

The appearance of a blue titanium colored ring has nothing to do with the minimalist sleek designs, perfectly suited for confident men who know understated is not equal to ordinary, and tensile is not about hardness alone, but strength with flexibility or another pompous, meaningless phrasing, but rather with the colored outlook of life and jewelry that is more specific to a lady.

My presumption is that blue titanium rings are just an emphasis for the possibilities of titanium of acquiring a great variety of colors, since the indestructible and unscratchable niche has began to be attacked by tungsten and tungsten carbide rings.

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