Anolon titanium cookware – company and product review

Anolon titanium cookware is a cookware line manufactured by Anolon,a U.S. based company specializing in cookware, bakeware, cutlery, various kitchen tools and other household gadgets that are usually used to transform raw meat, vegetables and seasoning into something more edible. Well…all of the above are edible in either form, but you may find ingesting raw meat far less enjoyable than your average dinner.

Anolon titanium is a particular line of cookware in the company’s long list of cookware products. Since titanium is a such as an endeared metal for all types of manufacturers and since there are some uncontestable advantages to using titanium in cookware and cutlery I haven’t found anything strange in Anolon’s decision of manufacturing and distributing a titanium cookware set.

However, I usually need to know exactly how much titanium and in what way is the metal used in any product that I buy, if the product claims to take advantage of titanium’s unique properties. The first thing that I found somewhat strange was that Anolon titanium cookware main constituent is in fact hard anodized aluminum.

I don’t want to sound biased (though I usually am regarding titanium) and I really don’t think there is anything wrong with aluminum – it’s a metal that has delivered so much to our civilization in his many uses, often taking the technological burden side by side with titanium – in aero-space components, for instance. I also am aware that titanium poor heating conductivity makes it a less then optimal material for cookware.

But, why choose to market a line as “Titanium” when it as actually made of hard anodized aluminum? And, anyway, how much of the titanium metal is in fact used in Anolon titanium cookware sets?

The answer was less than satisfying for a titanium raving fan such as I am. Anolon titanium cookware is made of hard anodized aluminum, with a non-stick interior provided by Autograph II, which incidentally is developed by DuPont, who, aside of being the company that launched the first and the most widespread coating on the market, Teflon, is also one of the largest titanium dioxide suppliers in the world.

Apart from this, the only actual connection that Anolon titanium cookware set seems to have with titanium metal is in the outer protection layer – the one that doesn’t come in contact with the food. According with the company claims this is made of a superior polymer reinforced with titanium that adds to the general durability and resistance and is one of the factors that allows Anolon to provide a limited lifetime guarantee for this particular line.

This doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t recommend Anolon. I told you, I really try not to be biased. After all, hard anodized aluminum is in a fact a good choice for cooking. As I have mentioned, titanium strength to weight ratio is of minimal importance to the professional chef, as he is not likely to apply to his frying pan the kind of stress factors that a landing gear has to endure. And aluminum is far more light that titanium, which, in this case, is a definite plus. The hard anodized takes care of aluminum propensity of reacting with the components commonly found in foods and altering the taste of the final product.

Autograph II is a state of the art modern non-stick coating, composed of three different layers, a primer layer that ensures the nonstick layers firmly adhere to the pan, than two upper nonstick layers that confer wear and tear resistance being reinforced with powdered metals or ceramics.

And the price of Anolon titanium cookware set is in the “affordable” range, rather that in the “very expensive” as it should be, proven that the line is using the newest technologies available. So the decision of purchasing it may be the best you can make regarding cookware, even if it won’t have too much titanium in it.

For an extremely good deal for Anolon products I recommend Boscov’s department stores, reachable by clicking the picture in the right. I'm sure you already know all there is to know about anolon titanium cookware set and you're ready to buy it. And when it comes to keeping the price low, nothing beats the negotiating power of a large distribution network.
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