Why are black titanium wedding rings the trendiest accesory today

Black titanium wedding rings and bands are a modern solution for the eternal struggle of those couples that choose to go beyond the frailty and unpredictability of the dating period, and choose to explore the unforeseeable and infinite depths of marriage instead.

TRITON Black Titanium Classic Wedding Band (7.00 mm)


“With this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship, and with all my worldly goods I thee endow: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen”

These words are usually spoken by the priest or the rabbi, when the wedding rings are first exchanged by the bride and groom, thus sealing the bond of marriage.

The classical metal of choice for engagement rings has always been the noble gold, the jeweler’s best friend. Black titanium wedding rings were developed since titanium metal has risen in importance and availability for the jewelry industry.

It may seem somewhat contradictory for a black metal to be used as a symbol for marriage, which is mostly regarded as pure as the driven snow, best symbolized by the white wedding dress that is the centerpiece of the ceremony.

In my opinion, there are two possible explanations for why you may decide to choose black titanium wedding rings to be that single jewel that will never,ever, be taken off from your and your spouse’s finger.

One is directly related to titanium properties. As strong and tough and noble as titanium is, the use of titanium in jewelry industry has a somewhat serious drawback. It is easily noticeable, though not thoroughly promoted by industry players, for obvious reasons.

Titanium has a natural cool gray color, slightly darker than other silver-colored metals. It is a great color, if you ask me, distinctive, elegant and futuristics, but it also sports a less natural sheen than white gold and platinum do. That’s why titanium jewelry is usually given a matte finish, as opposed to a shiny finish.

It’s true that this kind of finish may work with the most jewelry pieces and may prove especially suitable for men’s jewelry, but usually a one of kind event such as a wedding requires shining in every detail involved, the wedding ring being a centerpiece.

Black titanium wedding rings overcome this drawback as they allow the shiny finish one may expect to match the grandeur of a wedding. This is especially true for the Spectore patented black titanium alloy that has a unique ceramic finish that is not found in any other particular black colored metal.

A second reason for why one may choose black titanium wedding bands is the fact that the classical solution gold, though it is endowed with the power of tradition and the reassurance of time, it also bears the disadvantage of commonality. It’s practically everywhere.

There are a few moments in everyone’s life that should be and should remain unique. A wedding is one of kind. It should remain this why with the help of a black titanium wedding band.

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