Ceramic titanium cookware – the upper statement of the year

Do I love ceramic titanium cookware? Do I ever! You know me by now, or at least you know that I must be a guy that really loves titanium. The all-mighty prince of the metallic elements. Titanium is my thing. I own a titanium phone, a titanium watch, titanium jewelry and I’m seriously considering titanium piercing.

But ceramic titanium cookware? Come on!! ! For god’s sake, it’s the most powerful thing humanity has began to use since the discovery of iron. It’s a groundbreaking, critical element that will help us all make the final leap to the stars.

Why in Earth would anybody use such a thing in a kitchen? Beats me! But what beats me entirely, is why anybody would apply a ceramic layer onto such a fine piece of natural wonder in order to be used in a kitchen.

Though technology really works miracles these days and it is become an indispensable component of our lives, sometimes it also has some unpleasant side effects.

For example, it can take something really simple and transform into something so complicated that it proves something near a miracle just to operate the damn thing. You are probably a Microsoft Windows user so you must know of what I speak.

That’s true with all the “ceramic” stuff. Nowadays ceramic is something big. Space shuttles have ceramic heat absorbing plating and jet fighters are made with ceramic composites components. Wow! This is state-of-the art modern technology we’re talking about.

We don’t really understand what all is about, but it has got to be good. Hey, if NASA is using to protect shuttles from the heat generated when re-entering Earth atmosphere, why we, the common people, that believe the moon landing was an elaborate hoax, won’t be allowed to use ceramic titanium cookware to fry our sausages.

Not only are we allowed to do it, but we are also encouraged to do it, and we also pay a lot of money for this to happen. The beauty of marketing.

Well, it should be a real comfort for you to find out that ceramic is nothing more than overheated dirt. Look at this picture. These are actually NASA ceramic tiles that are used for the heat absorbing shield. As cool as they look, they are nothing more than clay. Some thousands years ago, a certain individual that was cooking his fish on the beach discovered that some strange pieces of material formed due to the fire-sand interaction. They seemed useful. They retained water, for example and were strong enough to resist heating.

Then, his cousin tried to actually form a specific shape before heating the clay and a new industrial sector started.

That what ceramic really is.

And that what ceramic titanium cookware really is. A fancy name to brand a technology that doesn’t really bring anything new on the cookware market, but makes for a great excuse to bring up the prices.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure the cookware manufacturers are doing a hell of a job to assure the best products reach your kitchens. I’m also sure you can find some really good bargains, regarding both price and quality, out there.

But I find it really sad to see ceramic and titanium associated in the same phrasing with something as trivial as cookware.

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