Titanium tent stakes or a friend in need is a friend indeed

Titanium tent stakes are all about backpacking. This is obvious for anybody that knows what a tent stakes is. Why tent stakes are, or should be, all about titanium, may be less obvious.

I’ve done my share of backpacking in my sophomore years. I’m not considering myself an avid fun, as I’ll always trade a rough day in the trek for the comfort of my desk. Especially in those autumn, rained soaked days. But I do know the most important things that a backpacker has to take into account.

Backpacking combines hiking and sleeping in a single concept. These are some very general words to describe some very complex processes. So complex, that sometimes the essential is hard to spot. I’ll reveal a secret. In fact, the essentials are as follow: shoes, water and lodging.

Titanium tent stakes are critical for the last part, the lodging. It is important for water if you’re thinking titanium water bottle.

Titanium Water Bottle

It’s not critical, so let’s not digress. Back to lodging, for a backpacker, this usually is about raising a tent. And maybe even more important, it is about keeping this aforementioned tent firm on the ground for the entire time span he intends sleeping. Depending on the weather, this may or not be as easy as it sounds.

The tent is kept on the ground by using stakes. These are long metal rods with a pointy end, which is stuck in the ground, and with some curved shape, where a line is attached to the tent.

Tent stakes are not created equal. In fact, they are extremely far from equal. It’s a no-brainer that the lightest sticks would be the initial choice. But the right stake has to meet a lot of conditions.

The most important are related to whatever is in the ground a stake is stuck in. Some soils are fairly dense, but not too hard, so an aluminum wire-like, hook-shaped stake is just fine. But the dry season can make this type of soil of brick-hard consistency. Then the light wire type would just bend and not go into the ground at all.

The sand or snow demands for a fairly broad stake. Sometimes with hardened soil, you can drive a sturdy stake into the ground, if it has a sharp point. But many of the stakes that are usually supplied with the tent will just bend. So then you might need to get titanium tent stakes, such as these.

Titanium Vargo Ascent Tent Stake (ultralight)

Plastic stakes break pretty easily just trying to get them into the ground. If you are camping on rock slabs or rocky ground where you might encounter rocks under a thin layer of dirt (as you find in much of the Rockies or Sierra), without titanium tent stakes you may just remain in the downpour, while watching your tent take flight, sometimes with all your supplies inside.

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