Wholesale titanium jewelry – the inside secrets of a promising business

Buying and selling wholesale titanium jewelry is something happening daily, as a “back office operation” of almost all the web pages that are in titanium jewelry business.

After all, since titanium jewelry is such a hot product these days, all you have to do is setup a nice looking webpage, scour the net for some good wholesale producers, stock up on inventory, and then let the buyers do the rest of the work.

Pretty easy, isn’t it?

The success or the failure of a wholesale titanium jewelry business is in the details of the process that I have so rapidly outlined above. Some of the details are common for any wholesale transactions involving individual consumer items; some are specific for titanium jewelry.

Let’s have a closer look, shall we?
As a purchaser approach a jewelry shop, he’s looking for an item that will perfectly fit his specific and unique individual needs. He most likely favors a certain color or tone, a certain style of finishing and, in the case of a ring; he’s forced to look for a specific size.

On the other side, a wholesale titanium jewelry buyer is forced to buy, well, yeah, wholesale. This implies a minimum order quantity, a minimum value per order. In other words, a certain standardization of the items he’s buying, in a completely opposite position for the unique solution that the buyer is looking for.

Managing this intricate and delicate balance is very challenging, but is also the key to be or not be successful in the titanium jewelry business.

The average minimum quantity order for small to medium producers ranges from 300 to 1000 pieces for each item. The values are depending on the complexity of the items order. The lower ones are for earrings, piercings, and rings while higher values may be expected for bracelets, pendants and necklaces. For quantities exceeding 1000 pieces, a lower price is usually expected, so keep this in mind when you decide to order.

Theoretically you could obtain lower numbers through some hard bargaining, but you’d have to keep in mind that a producer willing to accept lower numbers, is either new in the market, or in a desperate need for a client, which means you should keep a very close eye on the quality of the products he is delivering.

If we’re talking titanium rings, the items for which different sizes are important, a producer usually accepts between 3 and 5 different ring sizes in each lot, without considering each size a different item.

As we are in the 21st century, you’d also have to keep in mind that titanium jewelry follows the common pathway for any modern consumer product. This means that even if the principal market may be the US and Western Europe, the production facilities are more likely located in mainland China.

This adds 3, 4 days for delivery to the normal production times which are situated around 20 to 30 days, varying according to the size and complexity of the order. Of course, this also adds to the costs of delivery, since DHL, UPS, TNT or FedEx are not what you’d call cheap delivery services. Especially, when we’re talking about international intercontinental transfers.

Another really neat trick about wholesale titanium jewelry, which also partially explains the rising popularity, is the big difference between the wholesale and retail pricing in titanium jewelry. As I have noted elsewhere on this site, although titanium is starting to become a standard metal in the jewelry sector, its base price is far lower that the traditional gold, silver and platinum.

This aspect is reflected in the retail price, but in a far lower ratio that in should be. Admittedly, titanium is a harder machinable metal than gold or silver, but there are sufficient margins left to make wholesale titanium jewelry a profitable venture.

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