Wholesale titanium opportunities to be found in the global market

A wholesale titanium deal is not generally applicable when titanium is regarded and looked for as pure metal, as it would not with any other specialty material that is used by the industrial sectors that account for titanium greatest use, meaning aero-space structural components and specialty heavy duty parts of heat-exchangers, marine applications and others.

However, due to the constant pushing of titanium into the more individual consumer product range, with the most prominent being titanium golf clubs, titanium cookware and titanium jewelry, which I think it’s the fastest growing consumer product sector of titanium, you can find wholesale titanium deals of this kind of products, available from distributors and manufacturers seeking a rapid liquidation of inventory.

It is worth noting that titanium properties allow the potential buyer to be guaranteed of the quality of the products. Though generally wholesale deals tend to concentrate on the price of the lot, rather than the quality, which is somewhat expected to be lower than with premium retail items, due to longer inventory waiting periods in under level depositing conditions, in the case of wholesale titanium deals, titanium corrosion resistance and general durability make the items in question be in the almost exactly the same condition as they were when they left the manufacturer’s gate.

Unfortunately, this also means that the price reductions are not that high as with other wholesale deals, though the discount related to the sheer volume of items in transaction is enough to make the business extremely profitable.

The heaven of wholesale titanium deals is, as expected, mainland China. It is my personal opinion that the Chinese have reinvented the mass production. Fuelled by the ever increasing demand of the western buyers and sustained by the local workforce low cost, the Chinese factories seemed determined to drown the international market with their products. It’s true that some of them displayed a rather “Chinese” quality, but it was expected that the spread of implementation of higher quality standard procedures and the upward trending specialization of the workforce would alleviate this impeding issue. Sadly, the global economic crisis of 2008 that shattered the world economy has somewhat lessened this process and only the future will tell us how the pieces will fall in the new economic conditions.

However, the abrupt drop of demand left the Chinese factories with a lingering inventory stock that is currently available for the new entrepreneurs that understand that the success of sales is heavily influenced by marketing, rather by manufacture.

In China, almost 85% of titanium producing capacity is concentrated in Baoji, a city with a populace of around 3.5 million people, which happens to be the birthplace of Emperor Yan, the founding father of Hua Xia and the cradle land of Zhou and Qin Dynasties. I know this doesn’t have too much relevance these days, but I find ancient Chinese history absolutely fascinating and it is the earliest recorded one in the whole world. Probable the mystery regarding the miraculous Chinese developments can be found by a more advanced study of Chinese ancient history. Due to the concentration of titanium industries in the city, it has earned a modern nickname as “The titanium city of China”.

What is extremely noteworthy about Chinese titanium companies is their willingness to trade with and the active pursuit of smaller size international clients, even if their primary market are the state owned industrial companies engaged in aero-space and strategic components.

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