Why is titanium metal so expensive?!

by Abuzahi

In fact it's a bit lengthy story. Ti is married to 4 Cl atoms to form TiCl4 (polygamy), which was an arranged & forced marriage. The Cl doesn't like this relation at all. But Ti is very much interested in Cl. Whenever, this 'couple' is exposed to atmosphere, Cl reacts with moisture to form HCl and Ti has to accept and settle down with the rest of the part of moisture(OH). While both Ti and Cl were 'living' in the sea or sea cost day and night with other in-born mates, they never loved each other (NaCl&ilmenite). Rather Cl hated Ti too much!. After this marriage Ti was very much cautious about his rival (Na or Mg). So, whenever this couple sees that old lover, Cl starts creating family problems, but Ti never ready to leave Cl. Ultimately, Cl seeks some external powerful professionals to support; of course they charge for the effort. Ultimately Cl leaves Ti as an impotent widower(with a passive oxide layer on the surface), so that Ti can not marry any more!. This operation costs money!

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