Toast titanium – a dish best served hot.

Usually Toast titanium is a dish that is appropriate for the most impressive occasions. Due to the high titanium price and the difficulties of toasting it’s not reasonable to treat it as an every day meal. Only the best tableware should be used and an appropriate assortment of vinery is recommended for serving.

Titanium best fit for toasting is the commercially pure unalloyed category, preferably in alpha phase, although seasoned toast titanium gourmets sometimes prefer just a touch of beta phase titanium due to the rich and spicy flavor it confers to the serving.

There are many titanium suppliers that readily offer titanium bars and rods that can easily be toast cooked by amateur and veteran chefs alike. Just be sure to mention that you need titanium for cooking variety in your order. You wouldn’t want to receive some hard to swallow tough fracture resistant aero-space titanium alloy , would you?

To make a titanium dish even more to the liking of your guest or customers you may even garnish it with pieces of titanium jewelry discreetly scattered across the plates. Be mind of the black titanium alloys though, as they are known to be a little heavy and are susceptible of causing problems for the more sensible individual.

Salt, pepper, chili and other known seasonings have proven to be extremely fit for titanium servings and you can add them at discretion. However, for a special and whole titanium experience you may try titanium dioxide white powder. Its unique flavor adds to the already regal taste of the titanium, not to mention that its absolute whiteness also provides a visual satisfaction that is very appreciated by the connoisseurs.

It should be obvious that the best media for taking the most out of a titanium dish is titanium cookware Some less perfectionist chefs have been known to use pots and pans made out of different materials, but the results were reported lacking, to say the least.

Of course, the tools needed to delve into titanium servings are titanium sporks and knives.

Bon appetite!

I hope you didn’t actually believe any of that. To make everything clear, titanium is a metal and, though it’s hypoallergenic and it doesn’t have any dangerous side effects on humans, IT IS NOT to be cooked and ingested as the above words may have suggested.

Toast Titanium is just the name for a CD/DVD-ROM writing software package developed by Roxio.

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