Titanium bracelet - one of the three items that man can wear without issues

Titanium bracelet is one of the items that can help men, who, by the sheer power of tradition expressed through social or peer pressure, are generally limited regarding the wear of jewelry items. Nobody will judge a guy for his titanium wedding ring but add an earring and a necklace and you can bet some frowned looks will instantly appear on your coworker’s faces.

Historically speaking, the bracelet has been a jewelry item that has been naturally associated to men. Men generally make a great use of their hands. They have to, because they have to provide women with a lot of things in order to keep them happy. I hope you are aware that without women, we would still be living in a tree, right?

So, the hands of men are constantly being worked out, with new materials, in rather precarious environmental conditions. Thus, they need protection. Gloves were invented at first, and then they evolved into gauntlets that not only protected the palm and fingers, but also the lower part of the arm. They were quite handy when provoking duels too, as they could settle the matter right on the spot. Just imagine how a face slap with a two kilogram piece of metal would feel, and how combat worthy would be after that. Obviously, since titanium mass production began only around 1960, the knights of the medieval ages had not the possibility of using titanium gauntlets, but the modern motorized knights of the roads have the possibility of wearing them.

However, men’s continuous effort of developing more and more things that made life easier also meant that lesser protection was needed for men’s hands. The gauntlets became less and less necessary. However, one does not let go of something that looks so cool. So, the gauntlet slowly devolved, at first into smaller sizes that were used just for decorative purposes in special occasions, and later into what we see today at men’s wrists across the globe, the bracelet.

Titanium entry in titanium jewelry market was a perfect match for the bracelet. As I have elsewhere noted, regarding mens titanium wedding bands, titanium is a perfect item for men’s jewelry, which, amongst other things, has to be, well … manly.

The common titanium bracelet is made out of pure titanium metal, grade 2, 5 or 23, depending on what the jeweler is able to work with, or what

wholesale titanium deal has managed to make with his titanium supplier. There really isn’t much of a difference regarding the titanium grades, when the metal is used in jewelry industry.

Obviously, for aesthetic purposes, a titanium bracelet may use other metals, as well as precious stones, in order to obtain superior designs and fashion effects. Gold inlays are especially suitable, since they take advantage of the color contrast between metals, the more higher status of gold among the precious metals, while not discarding any of the sought after titanium properties, regarding durability, corrosion resistance and hypoallergenic status.

The more special titanium bracelets designs revolve around titanium capacity of producing superficial layers oxides through anodizing. These are of different colors and provide unique visual experiences, in rainbow pattern, that are almost impossible to achieve with other metals. The anodize process happens when an electrical current is passed through the titanium metal. Different voltage values produce different thickness outputs of the oxide layers resulting in different colors. Generally, these layers are transparent, allowing the refraction of light, thus creating the iridescent effect – rainbow like, just as bubble soap does. The picture displays a Michael Pinder creation, using silver and lapis-lazuli, combined with titanium.

Phiten bracelets are, reportedly, titanium based magnetic bracelets that supposedly enhance effort capabilities. While this is highly commendable and would prove an immense breakthrough in both medical and metallurgic science, Phiten claim of being capable of dissolving titanium in water is not in any way scientifically based.

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